Tangram Puzzles

What are these?

Puzzles. We took the original idea of the 7 piece tangram and remastered it.

The goal

Recreate the shape on the packaging with the pieces inside.


Great for

Family game nights, challenging friends & co-workers.

How to play

Open the box.

Use the pieces inside to recreate the shape exactly.

Now you have 11 more to go.

Yes, our puzzles look easy
but 45 minutes into it
This will be you!

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12 puzzles, 3 levels of difficulty, Endless entertainment

What Our Customers say

Like crossfit for your mind. These puzzles will keep you entertained for hours.

Pablo Echeverri

I loved it! It seems challenging and entertaining for any age. My boyfriend said “These puzzles seem so easy and childish”, and then I couldn’t make him stop lol.

Katy Kachurovskaya

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